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My heart’s passion is to 

speak messages

build businesses

educate adults 

and help you to build a life you love.

Whether you want to start or expand your business or change your life for the better, I am here to help. 

Coach Kim ...

... Better businesses. Better lives.

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Profit From Your Passion Workbook: Make money doing what you love


This workbook grou will change your life and your fcial destiny! Now you can make money doing what you love! We'll take a step-by-step process for discovering how to make money doing what you love. rkbook

This mastermind event is perfect for:  

* Entrepreneurial people who want additional income

 * Adults who could use extra money each month to supplement their income 

 * College students who find it hard to find decent summer jobs 

  * Seniors who want to supplement their retirement income

  * Teens who want to earn money without having to flip burgers 

Profit From Your Passion will show you how to make extra income using your God-given gifts and talents by guiding you through a process to discover your passions and use that knowledge to create a money making venture. You will discover not only you unique money making opportunity, but also the basic helpful resources needed to get you started earning money doing what you love. Attend this mastermind group and begin profiting from your passion! I have included more information below.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at

Blessings & Abundance,

Kimberly "Coach Kim" Walker, MS, BCC 

 CEO, Catalyst Coaching & Consulting 


Coach Kim's Business Builder Mastermind Brunch sessions are not an extended bible study, church service or prayer meeting. These dynamic, interactive mastermind sessions are for Christian business leaders that are ready to move their businesses forward and increase their profits while honoring God in their methodology. Coach Kim's Kingdom Business Builders' Mastermind sessions are designed for Christian entrepreneurs who share common values... it is so much more!

The sessions and are divided into several structured segments: 

Opening Prayer: Share prayer requests for you, your family, business, and any other concerns.

Entrepreneurship Education: Each mastermind session will focus on a different learning topic such as: marketing, customer retention, multiple streams of income, pricing, work/life balance, hiring employees, residual income, strategic planning, goal setting, customer service, resource and capacity building, and financial management - just to name a few. You will gain the practical tools and worksheets to help you make a profit and improve and effectively manage your business.

The Ministry of Your Business: Learn practical ways to run your business according to biblical principles for the eternal benefit of your clients, employees, partners and community without "giving away" the store.

Accountability: You will report on you progress since our prior session and create an action plan you commit to accomplish before the next session.

Organized Networking: Coach Kim's approach to networking allows you the opportunity to personally introduce yourself and your business to everyone in attendance in a fun atmosphere and effective manner. Past members report creating lasting relationships that have led to fruitful business deals and associations.

Optional One-on-One Business Coaching[1]: Schedule a mutually convenient appointment to meet one-on-one with Coach Kim for a coaching session dedicated solely to your business and spiritual needs. As a member of the Kingdom Business Builders' Mastermind Group you will enjoy a discounted price when paid at the same time as your brunch registration.

Date:   May 31, 2014 

Time:  10:00 AM to 12:00 PM 

Place: Pepper Jack Grill

          316 Manor Road 

          Staten Island, NY 10314

 [1]The optional one-on-one, 60 minute private coaching sessions is structured and personalized to give you an opportunity to cover a range of topics in depth and to address implementation of the subjects you learn. This is your opportunity to meet with a business consulting professional who can provide balanced, objective, sound business consulting combined with biblical feedback and counsel on the issues surrounding your company's culture, operations, systems and resources.  

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